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Geographical 01 / 02 Numbers

Geographical numbers (also referred to as fixed or landline numbers) all start with an 01 or an 02 and are able to receive calls from international and national callers. The first 4 to 7 digits refer to the area of the UK they represent (e.g. 01512 is a Liverpool number, 0207 and 0208 are London numbers) but you can use them to give yourself a specific local footprint wherever you are based.

National 03 Numbers

03 numbers are charged at the same rate as a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, this non-geographical number range gives your customers an inexpensive and trustworthy way to get in touch.

Freephone 0800 / 0808 Numbers

0800 /0808 numbers are a kind of UK non-geographic phone number where the receiver is charged for the call, not the caller. 0800 numbers not only give your company a national identity but also increase the volume of incoming calls. Eliminating all costs to call your business sends a definite message to your customers about the value of their custom.

Non-geographic 0843 / 0844 numbers

0843 / 0844 numbers are charged at a low-cost rate from a standard UK landline and, depending on the tariff, can generate a revenue stream. 0843 numbers give your company a national presence. They’re also perfect if you’re likely to relocate, as your calls can be forwarded to a landline or mobile regardless of where in the world you are.

non-geographic 0845 Numbers

0845 numbers are non-geographic, local rate numbers. They are regulated by Ofcom, and are ideal if you want customers to contribute something towards the cost of the call, but also want to offer an inexpensive way for them to get in touch. Because they’re non-geographic, they also lend themselves to a wider audience rather than being restricted to a specific location.

Revenue Share 0870 Numbers

0870 numbers are popular non-geographical numbers used by businesses as they offer a national presence and can be accessed by international callers. They’re also perfect if you’re likely to relocate, as your calls can be forwarded to a landline or mobile regardless of where in the world you are.

REVENUE SHARE 0871 / 0872 numbers

0871 / 0872 numbers allow you to earn back revenue with every inbound call made. These non-geographical numbers can also be routed to your existing number, allowing you to have a national presence, regardless of where you’re located in the world.

Premium 09 Numbers

09 numbers are premium-rate numbers which allow businesses to bill customers. Typically used for over the phone services such as horoscope readings, competitions, adult entertainment and technical support. Our Premium rate 09 numbers can be instantly forwarded to any landline or mobile location anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re based internationally or not, our international number ranges are perfect for a variety of uses, such as marketing, charity lines, customer services, call centres, information services, voting lines and sales.

Telecom2 business numbers Features

With our range of services, you have complete control over your call handling. You'll never miss a call again.

virtual number voicemail


Our voicemail service works just like any other, but all your messages are emailed straight to you. You can choose to keep our default greeting or upload your own. Our service is compatible with almost any audio file type.

virtual number fax to mail

Fax to Mail

Fed up with the fax machine? Why continue with outdated tech? Scrap it for one of our numbers. With our Fax2Email service, you'll receive any faxes straight to your inbox, without any additional costs.

virtual number play file

Play File

PlayFile allows you to play an audio file of your choice to your callers. Good for short introductions or information lines.

virtual number call forwarding

Call Forwarding

Our call forwarding service uses our state of the art telecommunications network to send your calls to your personal or office number. We currently offer forwarding to all UK mobile, landline and international destinations.

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With Apex PBX, you're truly optimising your phone system. Our management suite and extensive features cater for all businesses, regardless of sector or size​.

Conference Calling

Create conference rooms for an unlimited number of users.

Call Forwarding

Forward numbers to a mobile or even a softphone application.

Call Queuing

Accept and queue extra phone calls than your team can handle.

Call Recording

Record calls on demand and download or receive audio files via email.

VoIP Telephone System

Ring Group

Enable multiple phone users to receive incoming calls.

Out of Office

Set up a voicemail for outside of working hours and amend dates and times via our web portal.

Time Based Routing

Create call groups and voicemails to apply during certain week times.


Create bespoke system menus and call filtering for departments.

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