0800 Freephone Numbers

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What are 0800 Phone Numbers?

0800 numbers are a kind of UK non-geographic phone number where the receiver is charged for the call, not the caller. They not only give your company a national identity but also increase the volume of incoming calls. Eliminating all costs to call your business sends a definite message to your customers about the value of their custom.

What is the cost of 0800 Number?

Costs will be dependent on whether calls originate from a landline or mobile and will vary from 2p (for a landline) to 4p (for a mobile). This does not include the cost of routing to a geographical or mobile number if that is a requirement.

Why Choose 0800 Numbers?

0800 telephone numbers are ideal for attracting customers to call your marketing or sales lines removing the price barrier for a customer calling you. They nationalise your company and give you an advantage over your competitors. They also increase your advertising response and attract new customers whilst conveying a professional image.

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Our voicemail service works just like any other, but all your messages are emailed straight to you. You can choose to keep our default greeting or upload your own. Our service is compatible with almost any audio file type.

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Fax to Mail

Fed up with the fax machine? Why continue with outdated tech? Scrap it for one of our numbers. With our Fax2Email service, you'll receive any faxes straight to your inbox, without any additional costs.

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Play File

PlayFile allows you to play an audio file of your choice to your callers. Good for short introductions or information lines.

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Call Forwarding

Our call forwarding service uses our state of the art telecommunications network to send your calls to your personal or office number. We currently offer forwarding to all UK mobile, landline and international destinations.

0800 Numbers FAQs

Unlike 01/02 numbers, 0800 numbers aren’t connected to a particular location. For example, if you received a call from an 0161 number, a quick Google search would reveal you were being called from Manchester. There’s no regional presence connected to a freephone number, which provides the owner of the number with some flexibility. It’s easy to redirect calls to a landline or mobile device and makes moving offices incredibly easy as there’s no need to update your number. 

There’s nothing intrinsically different between an 0800 number and an 0808 number. They both share all the same features, benefits and costs. You may be more familiar with the former  purely because they’ve been available for longer and have, therefore, built up more public awareness over time. To give a brief history, 0800 telephone numbers were introduced in the mid-80s by BT as a toll-free service. 0808 phone numbers came into existence in the late-90s purely to cater to the high demand for freephone numbers.0808 numbers are simply an extension of 0800 numbers, created to ensure there’s enough capacity for those wanting a freephone number. So, which is better? Neither! We suggest looking for your desired 0800 number and, if this isn’t available, simply check for the 0808 alternative

There’s no limit to the ways a freephone number can be used or by whom. Whether you’re a sales team trying to encourage customers to reach out to you, or you’re looking to incentivise higher donation rates as a charity, there’s always a good reason to have a freephone number option. So, what are some examples of services/businesses that commonly use this number range?

  • Charity lines
  • Free information services
  • Sales teams 
  • Customer helplines

The simple answer is ‘nothing’. This has always been the case for calls coming from UK landlines and, as of 2015, covers all mobile calls (from within the UK as well). The company receiving the call is responsible for paying instead of the caller. Calling from outside of the UK using +44? There will be a per minute cost connected to this call, but it will vary based on your operator and location.

A lot of numbers are sold through third parties who purchase them directly from registered providers. In order to make money from the number, they’re likely to sell it on for a premium and - as a result - you’ll be out of pocket. Telecom2 is a registered provider so you’re cutting out the middleman when you purchase numbers from us and, as a result, you’ll get the best deal when it comes to cost as well as access to great features, customer service and the option of utilising our in-house VoIP system.

Freephone numbers are a fantastic marketing tool. The fact they have the reputation of being freephone gives a very clear message to customers that you want them to contact you. As mentioned above, they’re often connected to charities but, over time, more and more companies have used them as an incentive to gain callers. Think about it; if you’re interested in enquiring about two very similar services from different companies, and one has a freephone number, wouldn’t you be more likely to reach out to that company first? It’s the number equivalent of free next day delivery, and while it isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to marketing, it certainly provides customers with that extra little push in your direction.

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