Canary Wharf College Case Study


Canary Wharf College is a Free School Academy Trust located on Isle of Dogs, London, United Kingdom and comprises three schools: East Ferry School, Glenworth School, and Crossharbour Secondary School.

“Telecom2 has transformed our school’s communication from analogue to a cloud-based VoIP phone system with their outstanding Apex Cloud Telephony installation. As an educational institution, having a reliable and efficient communication system is crucial, and Telecom2 has exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Telecom2 team, for improving our school’s communication and helping us stay connected.”

Tracy Parsley

Acting Director of Finance


Canary Wharf College, which encompasses East Ferry College, Glenworth College, and Cross Harbour College in the heart of Isle of Dogs, was facing operational challenges due to its outdated ISDN based, inflexible, and costly telecommunication and broadband systems. In response to these issues, the College sought a cloud-based phone system that would provide them with the required flexibility and scalability. They approached Telecom2 to explore the suitability of the Apex Cloud Telephony system for their needs to transit from ISDN to cloud-based telephony.


We were contacted by Canary Wharf College and provided with the following brief:

  1. Reduce their monthly telecoms and broadband expenditure
  2. Upgrade their outdated analogue phone system to an IP cloud solution
  3. Integrate 3 locations into a consolidated cloud-based phone system solution
  4. Have the flexibility to quickly add users, regardless of where they were based
  5. Create professional IVR (auto attendant) messages to save on manual work and quickly connect callers
  6. Announcement feature on all the handsets
  7. Provide personalised support

During our work with Canary Wharf College, one of their schools was still under construction, and no phone system existed. We conducted a thorough site visit to locate all the necessary handsets and communication equipment rooms. Our team then proceeded to install a new cloud-based VoIP phone system to meet the College’s communication needs.

Tracy was thrilled with the process commenting that “From the brief to the final installation, Telecom2’s team of experts demonstrated exceptional professionalism and technical expertise. They took the time to understand our needs and provided a tailored solution in ten days that perfectly matched our school’s requirements.”

As part of the installation of Apex by Telecom2 at Canary Wharf College, we set up an announcement feature on all the handsets. This feature enables the College to make announcements conveniently through the phones’ speakers to all classrooms or staff rooms as needed. This feature provides an efficient and effective way for the College to communicate important information or emergencies to its staff and students.


Apex by Telecom2, installed for Canary Wharf College, was launched successfully, only 10 working days after the project brief was provided. Our team allocated numbers, and bespoke work was carried out to meet the College’s specific requirements, resulting in a tailored and customised solution that met their communication needs.

All three colleges have been integrated under one tenant, allowing the administrator to access Apex by Telecom2 and make changes to recordings, IVR (auto attendant), and view statistics. Telecom2’s swift delivery and configuration of new handsets within 1-2 working days have resulted in high satisfaction for the College.

We replaced outdated analogue hardware with new IP hardware, without necessitating a capital outlay and at a low subscription fee.

Telecom2 has created professional greeting messages, voicemail, and out-of-office voicemail messages. This has created a more professional feel for the college, thereby successfully enhancing their business image and reputation.

In term of the outcome Tracy said “Apex Cloud Telephony’s call quality is crystal clear, and the features such as announcement, auto attendance, and voicemail have greatly improved our staff’s productivity. In addition, the cost savings have been remarkable, reducing our phone bill by over 40%, and the technical support has been exceptional.”

Telecom2 has successfully implemented significant improvements for the three colleges under its purview. By reducing monthly bills by 40%, Telecom2 has facilitated substantial college cost savings.

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