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0871/72 numbers are non geographic numbers best suited for companies wanting to earn a revenue share on their inbound calls. 0871/72 offers the highest return for 08 numbers, allowing you to recoup the costs of your call centre or telephone system. 0871 have become the number of choice for businesses. Telecom2 have a wide range of bronze, silver, gold or platinum numbers ready to connect today.

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See how Revenue share 0872 numbers can work for you

Why choose 0872 numbers?

Our virtual 0871/72 numbers can be instantly forwarded to any landline or mobile location anywhere in the world.

  • Virtual Number - Forward it to any number, take it with you if you move.
  • Establish a national UK presence.
  • Revenue Sharing - Earn money for receiving calls!
  • Includes Free Call Forwarding via SIP, as well as detailed Call Stats.

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