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  • BT Fined £42M for breach of contract Posted 29 Mar 2017 12:12:00

    BT will be fined £42m for a serious breach of Ofcom’s rules, after the company reduced compensation payments to other telecoms providers for late installations.

    • Ofcom investigation finds BT cut its compensation payments for delays in connecting high-speed business lines
    • These important networks underpin the UK’s communications infrastructure
    • BT has admitted failings, and agreed to compensate the companies affected


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  • New higher tariffs. Higher payments? Posted 2 Jul 2015 17:21:26

    By now, everyone should be aware of the large set of tariff changes that are being introduced on July the 1st. An immediate effect of the distinction of Access and Service charges is that the basic tariffs in some cases seem to be have gone up considerably.

    An example of that would be an 0871 range which was billed in June at 10 pence per minute from a BT landline (G7 tariff) and changed then changed in July to 13 pence per minute (SC0014 tariff).

    Clearly there is a visible 3p increase on the tariff change, so there must be an uplift on the interconnect revenue. Really? – Not quite!

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  • New tariffs from July 1st Posted 17 Jun 2015 11:23:43

    From July 1, charges will become clearer for all consumer calls. Under the new rules customers calling your service numbers will see the cost split out into an ‘access charge’ going to their phone company, plus a ‘service charge’ dependent on the number range you are using.

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