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Release of ApexOffice 2 Posted 19 Jun 2015 16:27:37

Smart businesses deserve smart communications

Flexible, cost-effective and intelligent communications are an essential part of all successful organisations. If you are still reliant on your traditional PBX system with its expansion modules and costly telephone bills it’s time you took a close look at Apex Office from Telecom2.

Apex Office is our outstanding, end-to-end, cloud-based PBX. It gives you the power and flexibility of a bespoke system with unique features and benefits that allow it to grow with your business.

Is your current system...

  • Obsolete?
  • Inflexible & expensive to maintain?
  • Taking up too many IT resources?
  • At risk of a critical system failure that could bring your business to a standstill?


APEX Office will give you...

  • A future-proofed & scalable solution
  • A solution that’s adaptable to your needs and working practices
  • Cost savings & improved revenues
  • Intelligent functionality
  • Peace of mind



We built Apex from the ground up and we are constantly improving it to ensure that you will enjoy the best solution now and for years to come.
We will show you how Apex Office can bring immediate financial benefits then grow with your company, securely, smoothly and intelligently. You’ll also discover out-of-the-box features
and benefits you never even knew you needed.
We are very proud of Apex Office Business Telephony and believe that once you see it in action you won’t want to look elsewhere.


What are the advantages of cloud-based telephony?

First and foremost the cost savings. You’ll save on line rental and call costs. International calls can be the same price as UK calls and calls between your locations are FREE, wherever they are in the world.
There’s no need for proprietary hardware, dedicated wiring or additional infrastructure back at the office because connectivity is via your computer network. This makes it easier to install and manage, reducing labour costs.


Fast set up

Our installations generally take place in parallel with existing telephone systems to ensure a seamless transition and zero impact on your day-to-day business. We can normally get you
up and running within a few days.

What happens to your existing phone numbers?

You keep them. Telecom2 will port them to the VoIP network smoothly and seamlessly so you and your customers will notice no loss of service.

Communicate from anywhere with Apex Talk

You can enjoy all the functionality of Apex Office from the convenience of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Our Apex Talk app, available for iOS or Android devices, allows you to log
in to your system’s and access all it’s features from wherever you are.
It’s not an add-on. There’s no additional cost. It’s just Telecom2 working a bit harder for you.


Growing with your business

Apex Office is perfect for organisations with anything from one to thousands of phone lines but, what if you find you need high levels of inbound or outbound traffic? Apex Contact perfectly complements ApexOffice delivering unparalleled functionality and control over all your call centre traffic, local and remote agents, call queueing and real-time, skills-based routing to maximise every call.
Apex Contact also gives your supervisors real-time access to MIS, detailing abandoned calls, individual or group agents and queues over which they have full operational control.
For organisations managing multi occupancy locations, Apex Multi offers all the functionality of Office as a plug-and-play business telephony solution for small businesses.


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