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Whether you call it premium rate SMS, premium text messaging or PSMS (Premium Short Messaging Service) it’s an ideal micropayment solution for businesses looking to open up new revenue streams or enhance existing ones.

PSMS from Telecom2 allows your customers to contact you and make small-value (up to £30) transactions via mobile quickly and on-the-move. This makes it perfect for services like Q&A and SMS chat.

We can also provide you with dedicated or shared shortcodes and an administration portal that is second-to-none.


  • Routes to over 700 international mobile networks in 200+ countries
  • Alpha and numeric headers
  • Concatenated SMS support
  • Scheduled delivery support
  • Prepay or Post-Pay (contact us) billing arrangements
  • Sent or Delivered (contact us) rates available
  • Upload broadcast lists for mass-mailings via our Web UI
  • Unicode SMS support
  • SMS Call-back solution (contact us)
  • SMS template functionality

118 018 - Affordable enquiries for the UK

118 website
Telecom2's own 118 DQ service, call today and we'll connect you to any service you require, and for much less than competing services.



Premium SMS is ideal for...
  • Radio


    This is ideal for TV, radio, print, online and direct marketing, typically one question with a multiple choice answer but they are also flexible enough to handle multiple questions with knockout phases.

  • Vote by text


    This technology is best-known for its use on television programmes such as, Get Me Out of Here! but it can also be used by media companies and organisations to get consumer feedback or harvest information.

  • People chatting


    Our flexible service allows interaction between consumers, or consumer and operator on a wide range of tariffs.

  • Award with horse

    Tipster lines

    Our services are available as subscription or pay-as-you-go at a variety of tariffs and are ideal for sports such as horse racing, dog racing, golf and football. They are typically used by TV, print, online or sporting organisations.

  • Mobile phone payments

    Pay for content

    This solution is the traditional payment mechanism for ringtones, wallpapers, videos and any content consumed on the mobile handset. For your peace of mind we utilise the industry-approved PayForIt service.

  • Mobile phone micro payments

    Micro billing

    Micro billing, sometimes known as mobile or m-commerce, is becoming increasingly popular as it allows your customers to pay for a service or a product direct from their phone. It is ideal for items with a value up to £30.

  • Two hands and red heart

    Charitable donations

    Premium SMS billing is an ideal way for charities to accept donations on the fly. be it from from TV telethons, print, radio, online or outdoor advertising. Registered UK charities receive the full value of the donation from their mobile phone.

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