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Apex Cloud Telephony system is a powerful cloud-based VoIP phone system that helps connect parents, teachers, and students in today’s digital world. With Apex Cloud Telephony, parents can easily communicate with teachers and school staff, whether it’s through virtual parent-teacher conferences, phone calls, or voicemail. Teachers can use Apex Cloud Telephony to collaborate with other faculty members, share important updates with parents, and provide support to students.



Manage multiple sites on a single phone system

Apex Cloud Telephony system for schools or educational institutions provides several features for effective communication. The auto attendant directs callers to the right person, department. Extension numbers allow faster communication between parents, staff, and departments. The phone system can connect multiple sites with a single number or different site numbers, enabling users to choose the most efficient setup. These features make school communication more manageable, ensuring staff and students can reach the right person or department quickly and efficiently.




Ensuring the safety and well-being of children in schools and nurseries is crucial, and proper safeguarding measures must be in place to create a secure and nurturing environment for them. Recording calls is essential to safeguarding, as it provides a comprehensive record of all incoming and outgoing calls related to the students. This information can be invaluable in resolving disputes and addressing concerns related to child protection.


Key Features of Apex Cloud Telephony System

We understand that reliable, secure, and efficient communication channels are essential for the success of your school. Apex Cloud Telephony is tailored specifically for schools and offers a comprehensive solution for all your communication needs.

Emergency broadcast

Make announcements conveniently through the phones’ speakers to all classrooms or staff rooms

Voicemail to email

Retrieve voicemails via MP3 or WAV file to your email address

Student Support line

To ensure your students' well-being, provide them with a way to anonymously report bullying incidents or openly discuss their mental health concerns

Handsets for classrooms

We provide handsets for each classroom to ensure staff can communicate with any room in the school

voip conference calling

Staff Conference Calling

Create conference rooms for an unlimited number of staff

voip routing

Time Based Routing

Create different call groups and voicemail options that depend on the time of day or school holidays.

voip call recording

Call Recording

Record calls on demand and securely download or receive audio files via email

Out of Office

Set up a voicemail for outside of working hours and amend dates and times via our web portal

Auto Attendants

Create bespoke system menus and call filtering for departments.For example, press 1 for pupil absence, press 2 for school admin.


voip phone system installation

Easy Installation

Installation of the Apex cloud-based VoIP system is quick and easy. The phones are configured prior to delivery, ensuring you have a painless installation process.

voip phone system costs

Reduces Costs

Apex cloud-based VoIP System significantly cuts down on the cost of domestic and international calls compared to traditional phones.

voip telephpne system flexibility

Added Flexibility

Apex cloud-based VoIP system puts you in complete control of all inbound and outbound calls, and scheduling calls around your schools’ working hours.

voip scaleability


Our cloud-based VoIP System is completely scalable for your schools needs and new handsets can be added within 72 hours.

secure voip

Fully Secure

Our cloud-based VoIP system is a more secure method of making calls than using a traditional analogue telephone. This modern system has standardised encryption protocols that make your calls and data more secure than ever before.

voip connected

Always Connected

Distance and location have no impact on our cloud-based VoIP system. Whether you are calling the other side of the country or the other side of the world, if you both have an internet connection then communication is possible.

Caller ID

Identify who’s calling before you pick up the phone.

Ring Group

Enable multiple phone users to receive incoming calls

voip portal

Web Portal Access

Manage extensions, create call groups or view call statistics online via our user friendly portal

Music on Hold

Create bespoke music or messages for callers on hold

voip softphone

Mobile App

Make and receive calls with call features via our user friendly mobile application

Hunt Groups

Set up call handling to move incoming calls onto the next user

Call Forwarding

Forward 01, 02, 03 numbers to a mobile or even a softphone application

Call Queues

Accept and queue extra phone calls than your team can handle

PC App

Replace your handset with our easy to use PC application using a headset


CASE STUDY | Canary wharf college

Canary Wharf College, which encompasses East Ferry College, Glenworth College, and Cross Harbour College in the heart of Isle of Dogs, was facing operational challenges due to its outdated ISDN based, inflexible, and costly telecommunication and broadband systems. In response to these issues, the College sought a cloud-based phone system that would provide them with the required flexibility and scalability. They approached Telecom2 to explore the suitability of the Apex Cloud Telephony system for their needs to transit from ISDN to Cloud based Telephony.

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FRequently asked questions

A cloud-based system is a phone system delivered over the Internet. The main benefit of a cloud system is that it can greatly reduce business telephone costs and provide added flexibility. Read our Full VoIP guide here.

Apex Cloud Telephony will work 99.99 per cent of the time if you have good internet. You can rely on our UK-based support team, who are available for any issues.

Yes. When porting numbers, the process normally takes anything between 2-4 weeks. When assigning new numbers, the system can be set up within 3-5 working days based on you having the correct infrastructure in place (internet/cabling/network services etc).

The cost of a phone system for a school will vary based on the size of the school and its users. You can find the costs for Apex PBX on our VoIP Solutions page. All plans include everything you need for your schools, including an IP handset, support and maintenance, advanced call management with voicemail, auto-receptionist, call forwarding and many more features.

Our technical support team can be contacted Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm on 0207 058 1202, or by email on